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Cannibals' Gold

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Here's a best seller that is now in it's Fourth Edition that has consistently captured readers' attention and has received dozens of rave reviews from enthralled readers everywhere!

Originally written for the American market in 1999 and published in the United States, it has a Glossary at the back for readers unfamiliar with Australian and gold-mining phraseology.

Now published in Australia since 2000, "Cannibals' Gold" has been rewritten with additions to the story after suggestions from a TV Producer and many readers who wanted even more! 

The story tells of two gold miners in the 1870s who strike up a close friendship and evolve a unique if somewhat illegal of recovering the precious yellow metal to make a fortune - at the same time avoiding attacks from cannibalistic natives and also the attention from the police.

With hundreds of gold seeking European hopefuls pouring into the far northern Australian port of Cooktown and closely followed by hordes of Chinese also seeking to make their fortune in gold, the fierce Aboriginal tribes of the area having lost much of their traditional hunting and fishing areas due to the influx of gold diggers became resentful. Whereupon they took their revenge out on these new invaders and supplemented their meager diet with "talgoro" or human flesh - but they quickly discovered that the strange yellow men from the Orient made better eating with their diet mostly of rice and vegetables compared to that of the white men whose main diet consisted of dried and salted beef and damper - an unleavened bread usually made from flour and water washed down with copious amounts of black tea and at times, raw rum!   

The two main characters, a New Zealander, John Webb and his Irish companion, Pete O'Reilly keep just ahead of the Cooktown Police and their Native Troopers but in escaping the long arm of the law soon find themselves in a serious predicament which has disastrous consequences for the pair. Although the story itself is fiction, it is woven around actual historical events all of which were recorded at the time. 


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